In the United States, there were approximately 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in 2018. Globally, there were at least 25 ongoing, armed conflicts with vast humanitarian, political, and economic consequences. In 2016, 815 million people were undernourished. Many people look at these statistics of human suffering and wonder where God is in all of this. Does He see our suffering? Did He know all of this would happen? Why doesn’t He do something about it?

From cover to cover, the Bible is replete with prophecy. Some prophetic words provide comfort and encouragement during ordeals. Others pierce men’s hearts and move them to action. Hundreds of the Bible’s predictions have been fulfilled while others await their fruition. Prophecy reveals important messages from God and provides a lens through which to interpret our world and our circumstances.

For the believer, end times prophecy holds wonderfully good news but for the nonbeliever it hols much doom and gloom.

Prophecy is a subject avoided in many ministries and churches because there is much misinterpretation of scripture which breeds fear and trembling in the hearts of the uneducated. We have carefully studied the prophetic teachings of the ministries listed herein and feel comfortable recommending their resources to help you not only get into The Word but into The Prophetic Word.

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