Frequently Asked Questions

You do know I’m about to go get my big screwdriver to fix you don’t you????

We trust you find this website informative, inspirational, comforting, encouraging, but not frustrating! FaithByTheWord has been developed with the latest state-of-the-art design technology which makes it the easiest to use but also makes it the most vulnerable to glitches in newly developed software.

Should you experience any technical issues or difficulties determining how and where to satisfy your needs on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us. A number of the more common requests for assistance we receive are addressed on this page.

Technical Issues

Problem: I can see the booklets listed for downloading but I can not get them to open and display or download.
Solution: The Booklets, and many other downloadable documents, are all stored as PDF files. Your pc, phone, or chromebook may not have the proper PDF Reader installed. Go here to get the latest free version.

Problem: I find some material on this site to be offensive and/or some of the doctrine to be unsound.
Solution: Every effort has been made to only use content from reliable sources and to teach sound biblical doctrine. If you have any concerns whatsoever please contact us as soon as possible so we can suspend its access pending determination as to how to handle your issue.

Problem: I find it difficult and/or unclear as to how to access specific areas of this site and/or how to perform the desired function provided.
Solution: We welcome any reports of operational issues with our site. Please contact us any time you feel issues like yours can be improved on or refined. Be sure to not only state your issue as clearly as possible but try to offer as many suggestions as you can about how this site can be improved.

Problem: I clicked on a link but it did not work as I expected.
Solution: FaithByTheWord provides access to many sources of material found throughout the internet. Although every link is always tested before ever being used on this site, the creator and / or hosts of each link’s destination often cause the links to break due to trying to update their site or moving the item to another place on their site.
Solution: Contact us right away and tell us exactly where the link is located and what happens when you click it. Issues of this nature receive our highest priority and are often resolved within a few hours of your contact with us.

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