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Pastor Dave
Harvest Baptist Church
Harvest Baptist Church

Welcome to AboutTheWord!

I am Dave Winstead, Family Care Pastor at Harvest Baptist Church in Burlington, NC and founder of The FaithByTheWord Ministry.

FaithByTheWord was founded as a means to encourage everyone to get into The Word. The Word is the means through which we are able to draw closer to The Lord so we can seek his mercy, love, and grace in times of sickness, sadness, or sorrow. It is through faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ that we can know we have a home in Heaven someday and share in His love, shelter, and protection while we live in this world.

The secret to getting God’s attention is through fellowship with Him. That’s what this website is all about – reading, studying, and sharing The Word so we can draw nearer to God. The Bible says faith comes by hearing God and hearing God more clearly and completely comes through reading and studying His Word.

FaithByTheWord.org provides many resources to help you get into The Word every day. You will find devotions, scripture selections, guidance for fellowship, tools for Bible Study, Sunday Worship Service Plans, and many other odds and ends I have collected over the years.

AboutTheWord.org serves a single purpose. It introduces the unbelievers and new believers to The Word and it provides food for thought to anyone so they might start every day with 20 minutes of meditation and fellowship time with God.

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